The First Shots

A few nights before, Buddy and I were walking through the parking lot when I saw a pane of glass leaning against the wall for trash the next day.  Normally I don't rifle through my neighbor's garbage, but I did this time.  The clear plate was 3'x4' and had been part of a coffee table so it was sturdy as hell.  It's edges were rounded and it was easy to handle so I felt confident I could use it as my prop.  A combination of light stands, strong clamps, and a grippy rubber mat secured it into place, and then I went to work.  Shaving cream was my first substance but it was too thick, so I mixed it with water until I got what I wanted.  I used squeegees and brushes to move it around, but the results weren't very exciting.  I tried different background colors too, but I was bored with the results so I decided to try something different.